Raised in Central Kentucky, Carter Denton was born with a love for the outdoors, a natural curiosity about how things work, and a desire to dig into any project that comes his way.  All of these traits came together in 2016 when Carter asked his parents for a bandsaw for Christmas.  Up to this point, he had helped family and friends with wood projects and had watched many a YouTube video on woodworking, but he wanted to dive in further himself.  A bandsaw wasn't the typical present for an eight year old boy, but his parents decided to support this unique request.  It wasn't long before all sort of creations were coming out of his home garage workshop!  Eventually his love of the outdoors and wood came together in an ever growing collection of handmade, wooden fishing lures.  Made from pine or balsa wood, Carter designs, fabricates, paints and tests these lures for performance in his favorite fishing holes on Elkhorn Creek.  These lure creations and spirit to chase the wild have been perfectly captured on the Boone & Buffalo Carter Denton Lures Tee.