Allison Hunter Voges was raised to chase the wild in Southern Indiana.  Some of her favorite memories are tagging along on a quail or squirrel hunt with her father, or fishing with her grandparents and cousins out on the pond.  Any other opportunities were spent walking the creek banks or exploring the land on horseback.  After college she took up archery and found a real passion for the sport.  Shortly after picking up her bow, she asked a friend to take her on her first whitetail hunt which fueled her enthusiasm for the outdoors.  Generally you can find her out hunting and fishing every chance she gets; whether it's in her home state of Indiana, or somewhere else in the US.  Some of her favorite hunts have taken place out on her own, exploring the wild and learning about the amazing animals she pursues.  While she loves the peace and quiet that hunting and fishing brings, she's even more passionate about sharing her love and enthusiasm for the outdoors with anyone she meets.  Her real goal in life is to inspire and encourage other people to step out of their comfort zones and into the great outdoors.