Boone & Buffalo was founded out of the desire to ‘chase the wild’ and inspired by those already doing it.  We live in Kentucky, and with the same spirit of Daniel Boone before us, we are blazing a trail with curiosity and purpose.  We want to inspire people to explore and enjoy God’s beautiful creation and develop a generation of youngsters that value conservation, wildlife, and respect for the great outdoors.  Our aim at Boone & Buffalo is to point people to a simpler, less complicated way of life by providing apparel that will remind us of our roots in nature and wrap us in the comfort of nostalgia. 

We have been in the custom apparel business for 30 years and are happy to bring a collection of products to Boone & Buffalo that meet our highest standards.  Every product on this site is one of our “favorites”.  We have thoughtfully curated the highest quality products and we have brought them to life with real descriptions from those that love the products the most.  We want you to be able to live and move and breathe in comfort and style whether you spend a day in the woods or a day at the office.

 We have partnered with KITO in an effort equip kids with the desire and tools to ‘chase the wild’ so they can experience the freedom and awe of the outdoors.  Every purchase at Boone & Buffalo will help a child blaze his own trail.